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AAMIThe Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation sets standards on cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments

APICThe Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology is a professional organization with a mission to provide a safe healthcare environment through prevention of healthcare associated infections.  

AORNThe Association of Peri-Operative Registered Nurses provides evidence-based practices and access to a network of professionals

CDCThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the nation’s health protection agency that provide guidelines and recommendation for the prevention of infections. 

The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) provides definitions on healthcare associated infections as well as tracking data for the local facilities, state, region and national basis

IDSAThe Infectious Diseases Society of America is a community of physicians, scientists and public health experts specialize in infectious diseases

IFICThe International Federation of Infection Control brings together Infection Prevention specialists around the globe to exchange knowledge, information and support

IPAC CanadaThe Infection Prevention and Control Canada aim to inspire, nurture and advance a culture committed to infection prevention and control

SGNA The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc. addresses issues and provide guidance for safe and effective practice of gastroenterology and endoscopy

SHEA The Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America helps define healthcare epidemiology worldwide and promotes prevention of healthcare associated infections and antibiotic resistance and stewardship

TJC The Joint Commission sets healthcare quality and safety standards and provides accreditation and certification to those organization meeting the requirement

WHO The World Health Organization is an international health within the United Nations system that addresses, promotes health issues and serve the vulnerable

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